Our Mission
Bikers united, who value their salvation, their family,
their image, investing in their community And living life to the fullest; keeping Christ the center of our life, Sharing brotherly love and affection all over the world!

"It don't matter what you ride
Just ride it with pride!"

Soldier up!!!…and burn rubber not your soul...

State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
The SMSA is a non-profit organization formed
in 1984 to foster and promote state legislated
motorcycle safety programs throughout the
United States.
American Motorcyclist Association
The AMA is dedicated to protecting and
promoting the interests of motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. Working at the local, state and national levels, this organization is committed to preventing discrimination against motorcyclists, fighting bad laws and promoting
a positive image for motorcycling.
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Since 1973, the MSF has set internationally
recognized standards that promote the safety
of motorcyclists with rider education courses,
operator licensing tests, and public information
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
The MRF is chiefly concerned with issues at the
national and international levels that impact the
freedom and safety of American street








Riding Name: Deuce
Type of Bike: Big Flat Six Valkyrie Interstate. Spinnin that back tire.
Riding Name: BReal
Type of Bike: Harley Davidson Street Glide - Customized
Riding Name: Professor
Type of Bike: Suzuki M109
Riding Name: AntDiggady
Type of Bike: Harley Davidson Electra Glide
Riding Name: AntDiggady
Type of Bike: Custom Harley Davidson Electra Glide


One disadvantage motorcycles have compared to cars is that they’re
less visible. Taking steps to increase your visibility is an important
step in managing your riding risk.
Maintaining the proper lane position is a crucial part of an effective street
Search, Evaluate, Execute
Recently, the MSF introduced a simplified version of the mental process
for making judgments and taking action in traffic: S.E.E., for Search,
Evaluate, and Execute.
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